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Fort Brewery and Pizza - Fort Worth, Texas

Octopus logo for Ocho beer

Fort Brewery and Pizza

2737 Tillar Street

Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone 817 923-8000

Our Brews Sampled and Favorites

Our two flights

Looking for something to do in Fort Worth, TX? We recently visited and taste tested craft beers at one of the Breweries in Fort Worth, TX. The brewery is named Fort Brewery and Pizza.

First thing to comment on is the high number of in-house brews they offer at all times. Some breweries we have visited only have 6-8 on tap, they had 20 active taps including a wide variety of styles. They also have local wines on the menu, but we did not sample any of the wines.

As you may know I prefer the darker style, and my wife leans toward the hazy IPA. We visited Fort Brewery on a Friday afternoon at about 4:30 and each ordered a flight. My wife ordered the

· Ocho – American IPA

· Brave Noise – New England Pale Ale

· Clara - Blonde

· Spring Fling Ale – American Pale Ale

I ordered the

· 1849 - Irish Red Ale

· Slow Train Porter – American Porter

· Baby Got Bock - Bock

· Fort Stout – Milk Stout

We also requested a sample of the Raspberry Fling Pale Ale which we both enjoyed.

Winning brews were the Ocho IPA for her, and the Fort Stout Milk Stout for me.

Brewery Ambiance

My wife and I tried to visit Fort brewery a couple months back and they weren't open, so this was our first time visiting and I was really impressed. Their “patio” is enclosed on three side walls and the 4th side is open. It's entirely covered with permanent roofing, and they have plenty of giant fans to keep the air circulating. I can imagine even on a hot summer Texas day sitting there will be enjoyable. On their patio they have a large stage for bands, and they have music almost every weekend. The indoor area atmosphere is designed for quieter place to talk and to eat. The high back booths tend to keep the noise down.

While I was investigating the place a worker saw me and asked me if I wanted to tour which I gratefully accepted. She walked me past two smaller private rooms that could be used for small parties or large family gatherings, maybe an office outing. The rooms were really nice. Then she showed me the tap room, the canning room and we even walked past the kitchen. It was extremely nice of her to take me on that private tour, and it reminded me of the time in Disneyland when I got a backstage tour of the water ride.

I really like the effort and forethought they put into the patio to make it a four-season area. For the cooler months in the winter, they have windshields that roll down making the space usable in winter with the help of space heaters.

One thing I noticed was that all their staff was smiling. Even the people cleaning the tables seemed happy to be there be and had a smile on their face.

I reported on a previous article about Karbash Brewing in Houston and how impressed I was with their location, and while Fort Brewery and Pizza is not as big, they've got a really nice setup!


Pizza on tray
Large Pizza

Just as their name suggests they had a wide variety of pizzas to order as well as appetizers, salads, regular sandwiches, hamburgers, and desserts. We ordered the Drunk Dip which is their chips and queso which is made with their 1849 Irish red ale. We both enjoyed the dip. We had a follow-up visit to the Brewery and split a pizza which was outstanding. Just like beers, we both have different taste in pizza, so we were able to order one half of two types of pizza on our pizza.


They put a lot of effort into their artwork for their individual brews. For instance, for Ocho they designed a large octopus. They have T-shirts with the octopus on front as well as on their can labels, and even a mural on the outside wall of the entranceway.

Novel Idea

Bus trip advertisement

Brewery Owner Interview

We were unable to get an interview with anyone. Our waitress told us that they owners used to own Kent and Company, a wine shop on in Fort Worth. They still have a passion for wines and offer an extensive list of wine options at Fort Brewery & Pizza.

About the Authors

When I first started dating my wife, we enjoyed popular domestic beers. I am sure visiting a craft brewery was her idea. Our taste buds rejoiced as we sampled the various brews. It did not take long before our tastes diverted – the darker ambers, reds, porters, and stouts for me, IPA, Hazy IPA, and pilsners for her.

When we retired, we decided to visit as many of our National Parks across this country. It seemed a natural fit to visit breweries in the many cities we travel through as we drive to the parks.

We currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. Texas has about 300 micro-breweries, and the Metroplex has over 80. Which means we have a whole lot of day trips ahead of us to visit our local breweries.

Cathy and Frank at an Oktoberfest

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