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Wild Acre Camp Bowie - Fort Worth, TX

Building sign

Wild Acre Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, TX

6473 Camp Bowie Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76116

(817) 353-2074

Front Door Welcome Sign

Looking for something to do in Fort Worth, TX? We recently visited and taste tested craft beers at one of the Breweries in Fort Worth, TX. The brewery is named Wild Acre Camp Bowie.

Brews we sampled

Our two flights in carrying stand

This was an unusual tasting day for me. Since they had no normal darker brews for me to sample, I jumped to the unusual and sampled some that I would not normally try. They had a dozen beers on tap.

On Tap menu

I tried:

· Amber IPL

· Banana Pudding Hefe

· Mango Hatch Chile IPA

· Neopolitan Ice Cream Porter

She tried:

· TX Pineapple

· TX Blonde

· Amber IPL

· Wild Acre IPA

The Amber IPL was too hoppy for me. The Banana Pudding did not have a strong enough flavor of banana for me. The Neopolitan Ice Cream also did not have a strong flavor of Strawberry or Chocolate. The Mango Hatch Chile IPA was not too Mango-y, and the hatch chile was present at the end. But once our bratwurst and pretzel appetizer came this beer paired very nicely with both of them and became my favorite. Thumbs up to the Mango Hatch Chile IPA.

My wife found the Wild Acre IPA too bitter even for her. The Amber IPL and TX Blonde were okay, but her favorite was the TX Pineapple. The pineapple flavor was present but not too overpowering.


Plenty of comfortable indoor seating, and a large, covered patio with plenty of large fans to keep you cool on hot afternoons. Plenty of people were eating outside at 4PM during one of our 100+ days.


We ordered the Pretzel appetizer, and it was okay. The cheese was kinda lumpy but the mustard sauce was very good. We also split a Bratwurst and that was outstanding.


No formal display was seen in Wild Acre Camp Bowie. The waitress explained that the majority of merchandise is available at the main location.

About the Authors

When I first started dating my wife, we enjoyed popular domestic beers. I am sure visiting a craft brewery was her idea. Our taste buds rejoiced as we sampled the various brews. It did not take long before our tastes diverted – the darker ambers, reds, porters, and stouts for me, IPA, Hazy IPA, and pilsners for her.

When we retired, we decided to visit as many of our National Parks across this country. It seemed a natural fit to visit breweries in the many cities we travel through as we drive to the parks.

We currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. Texas has about 300 micro-breweries, and the Metroplex has over 80. Which means we have a whole lot of day trips ahead of us to visit our local breweries.

Cathy and Frank at an Oktoberfest

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